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Thanks for putting this on the rec list! If this thread becomes too unwieldy, Just Another Vet will open a secondary one.

Hi everyone!  I'm opening this thread to liveblog today's Town Hall Meeting with Barack Obama at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas.

The venue seats 19,500 people.  Folks camped out overnight in order to be admitted.  I think we're going to pack this place. Correction: We ARE going to pack this place! People are still lined up around the block and the venue is almost full.  The entire lower level is full and the top level is now halfway full.

I know of at least three of us who were given blogger press passes: myself, Just Another Vet, and Todd with BOR. I haven't seen him yet, but You might go ahead and check BOR during the event in case Todd shows up. Thank you to Debbie from the Obama campaign for hooking the bloggers up with press passes.  

Regardless, JAV and I will liveblog the event for as long as the wireless holds out.  Click on through....

Here is where our pictures will be uploaded. We've already taken a few of the empty interior so that you can get an idea of how big the venue is.  We will try to continuously update this throughout the event. update: Flickr seems to have the hiccups right now.  We've uploaded three sets and only one is showing in our index.  We'll keep checking it and post a strike through this text once it's fixed. Flickr still not quite updated but at least we are able to upload now. update2: JAV is now adding his pictures to imageshack as well. The picture comment thread begins here.

Here is our Youtube channel.  I'll upload any videos I shoot today at some time later this afternoon or evening.

Here is the Tarrant County Obama website.  Lots of our volunteers are here today, so expect tons of picture links to be posted there over the next few days.

The press is setting up and the doors are opening to the public in less than half an hour.

I've been tipped that former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk will be introducing Obama.  Mayor Kirk will also discuss the historic march by Prairie View A&M students yesterday.

I'll liveblog via the comments section.  The actual event is supposed to start at noon.  I can see some electeds from Dallas conuty entering.  Obama's got deep support in Dalals county, and we're working hard in Tarrant, too.

Remember the BEST WAY you can help us WIN Texas and SEAL THE DEAL is to phonebank for Obama.   YES. WE. CAN. What started in Texas can be ended in Texas.  

Now join us in the comments section for the liveblog!

UPDATE: Thanks to Cat Nappe for posting a link to live, streaming video!  The local stations are going to stream it live.  Click here.

another update: Josh from The Texas Blue is also here liveblogging.  Go give him some love!

and finally: Obama's motorcade has arrived (thanks madame defarge)!!

UPDATE:  Ron Kirk just came onstage so Obama will be up soon.  When he starts I am going to liveblog while JAV takes pictures.  Kirk just announced Obama has a bit of the flu!  Let's all send some healing vibes.

Originally posted to anna on Wed Feb 20, 2008 at 08:16 AM PST.

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