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On the 3 hour hatefest for Insanitized minions, Sean Hannity and Karl Rove have made it clear that they intend to go to the Democratic Convention and harass delegates.  They do not intend to go there in a journalistic capacity but plan to start fights on the convention floor, bring a so called security entourage with them to intimidate others, harass delegates, and basically cause trouble.  Therefore, the DNC should take their press passes and not let them onto the site.  The same might be suggested for Bill O'Reilly.  These people are not journalists, they are right wing smear merchants without an ounce of integrity in them.

The DNC is the host of the convention.  They rent the property.  They can decide who comes in and who doesn't.  There are no civil right issues here.

Hannity and Rove have talked about having bodyguards follow them around and going up to delegates and bothering them.  This is unacceptable.  

Now I could actually get a press pass to the DNC Convention (Can't go, have work) so if someone else is going and the DNC allows these disrupters onto the Convention floor, then they MSHOULD be followed around with an active camcorder by someone who will just monitor every word they say, every step they take, and every breathe they take.  This should apply not only inside the Convention but just outside the Convention as well.

The DNC should do what it can to prevent the Faux News crap that is planned.  Faux News employees who are allowed into the convention should be limited to a a press pass which keeps their area confined to a closed media area, a concession stand, and a bathroom. Faux News should NOT be allowed on the convention floor especially since they intend to manufacture conflict and try to portray one or two incidents incited by them as reflective of all delegates.  And I am reasonably certain that they will be manipulating the cameras during their pool coverage and I'll be writing a told you so diary in about two weeks.

However, here are some buzzwords for Faux News.

If you encounter O'Reilly, hold up signs with words like Malmedy, Hornbeck, Mackris, Loofah, falafel, and we'll do it live.  Say nothing else.

If you encounter Hannity, it's Hal Turner, Ollie North Scam Concerts, Jihadist against Pelosi, Atkinnson book club, Louima/Volpe, and simlar phrases.

Oh, almost forgot, the Hannity Chickenwatch to debate DFQ (two non politicians) with open mikes for 90 minutes is now at Day Two.  Once again, Hannity smeared this site yesterday by calling us the Daily Kooks.  Hannity doesn't get the right to debate any Democratic politician or call them out until he debates the person (me) he's taken swipes at on his radio show many a time.

PS:  I might have to buy a chicken suit and go have dinner at RuthChris'Steakhouse in Manhattan with a Hannity chickenhawk costume.  (I guess it's the only time I'd eat there b/c of their association with Insanity.)

UPDATE:   There are a lot of other good suggestions in this diary on how to handle this and some may turn out better than mine.  The idea is for our collective minds to figure out how to handle this situation and to plant seeds ahead of time in case they engage in these stunts.  Assuming they are inside, then they need to be monitored with camcorders, can not have thugs with them, and perhaps people should hold up friendly signs.  If you choose to monitor them with a camcorder, you are doing reconnaissance work which you should then post onto YouTube.

UPDATE 2:  Taken partly from a comment of mine below, understand that a press credential is a serious credential.  When you go to an event as a member of a press, the rules are different, much different.  If a member of the press states that it is his or her intent to cause trouble, then that person has lost the right to have that press credential.  For example, if I had a press credential to cover a baseball game at Yankee Stadium and I got on a radio show earlier in the day and said, "During the 7th inning stretch I plan to lead a massive protest down the aisles behind home plate to protest the local Walmart in my neighborhood," then what would happen to that press credential?  Answer - It would be revoked and RIGHTLY so.  That's the difference here.

UPDATE 3 - Further clarification -- I have not advocated banning Fox from being credentialed at the convention. I merely advocate banning employees from Fox who are on record beforehand as stating that they intend to bother delegates and disrupt events from being banned from the convention.  Very big difference.

Originally posted to davefromqueens on Thu Aug 14, 2008 at 05:05 AM PDT.

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